CatchSmart DRUS System tracks all spare parts, costs and time spent on vehicle repairs to reduce paperwork and save your time.


Accounting system

Follow financial data in an automatized billing and invoice system. Manage logistic documentation in a precisely structured way. DRUS accounting system frees up your time on every single working day.

Repairment tracking

Fault detection, arrival at the service, beginning and end of repairment - DRUS tracks the whole downtime of your vehicle and shows you where the process could be optimized for efficiency.

Spare part classifier

No matter if you have 10 or 1 000 vehicles, DRUS makes it easy to track all spare part availability, price changes, and warranties. You'll be able to analyze which parts perform better and cost less.


Less paperwork

DRUS saves time for fleet owners and vehicle services by automatically managing invoices, bills, and receipts online. Afterward, just a few clicks and your accountant will receive the necessary documents.

Reduced downtime

Every minute, when your vehicle is stuck in the service and not moving, costs you potential income. With DRUS you'll be able to spot and eliminate maintenance bottlenecks to increase the uptime of your fleet.

24/7 data availability

No matter where you are, you can access DRUS system and get the data you need instantly from your desktop or smartphone. Assign permission to as many responsible parties as your company needs.



Vehicle services:

  • Create and import repair orders
  • Repair planning and management
  • In-depth service data analytics
  • Integration with the warehouse
  • Automatically send out reports

Corporate fleets:

  • Oversee all past and present repairs
  • Track the prices of all the spare parts used
  • Track the frequency and usefulness of repairs
  • Integration with ERP and similar systems
  • Analyze the condition of all fleet vehicles
  • Monitor costs and view reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. DRUS software is built to connect with existing ERP, accounting, warehouse systems that your business already uses.

All data is transmitted in real time, so all parties will always know the situation without making calls or waiting for replies in the email.

The only thing needed is the access to already used systems in your business. All data will be held according to data protection laws.

The system tracks all time, price, product and action variables. For example, you'll see when a defect has been detected, what's the price of the spare part, how long is the repair process and so on. Everything to make conclusions backed by data.

DRUS system takes little time to learn and you will receive guidance and all the help necessary once the system is implemented in your business.